“Social Motorsports”©

Involved and Interactive Automotive Activities

bonspeedMedia has realized an emerging area of interest for many corporations, sponsors and properties. We have coined this “Social Motorsports”©

The automotive aftermarket represents a burgeoning multi-billion dollar market. It is comprised of custom car builders, collectors, restorers and enthusiasts. Not to be confused with the racing enthusiast, although there is crossover. The “Social Motorsport” enthusiast is commonly more hands-on, plans vacations around special events and regularly can offer a higher net worth.

“Social Motorsports” is defined as any property that utilizes motor vehicles (classic, collectable or racing cars/motorcycles) to drive attendance. This includes car shows, charity events, rallies, museums, auctions and lifestyle expos.

bonspeedMedia has focused on assisting corporations navigate their involvement in motorsports, particularly “Social Motorsports”. This is growing phenomenally due to the increasing interest of racing, car collecting, and television exposure. Television, internet and magazines have provided increased awareness of these specialized events. 

These destination driven properties are usually smaller than the large races ie: NASCAR or NHRA. They offer an audience that is focused, appreciative of the company support and the consumer is seeking hot new products. Discretionary spending decisions are often influenced at these events because the consumer is a hobbyist or passive enthusiast. It has also been realized that many of these event attendees and participants are also the trendsetters in their peer groups.

Maturity: A variety of “Social Motorsport” properties are celebrating 30 to 50 year anniversaries. The properties offer stability, heritage and annually increasing attendance numbers and national exposure.

Emerging Opportunity: Cable television has capitalized on the interest in custom and collectable cars. The wide-spread exposure to this enthusiast market has increased interest and participation. Unlike many racing events these properties are not cluttered with marketing noise. The variety of events and growing interest, offer ground floor opportunities for many established properties.