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   Legendary Rockers Help Celebrate the Deuce’s 75 Year Roll
   Jeff Beck, Michael Anthony, Jimmie Vaughan and Billy F. Gibbons Jam for Charity

Los Angeles, California—February 25, 2007— It was four legendary musicians backed by Jimmie Vaughan’s band that took the stage for charity on Friday night at the Petersen Automotive Museum.  Jeff Beck, Michael Anthony, Jimmie Vaughan and Billy F. Gibbons played a set of blues-inspired standards.  The set was part of  “Deuce Week” a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford.  Despite the notable music contributions each have made, they are also respected hot rod enthusiasts.

The Petersen Automotive Museum located in the heart of car country, Los Angeles, California, is known for hosting top-notch car shows and charity events.  The event promoted as “the biggest party ever thrown for the Deuce” lived up to the hype.  The museum was packed with hundreds of 1932 Ford hot rods, legendary hot rod builders, racers and automotive aftermarket notables.  The Deuce Week celebration allowed the rockers to rub elbows with many industry rollers and each were seen talking hot rods.

The night began with an auction of 1932 grill shells that had been customized by notable hot rod builders Barry Lobeck, Pete Chaporis and Roy Brizio.  Bruce Meyer hot rod collector and the host for the evening auctioned a signed Fender guitar from each of the rockers and a flamed Yamaha bass from Michael Anthony. The auction raised nearly $60,000, benefiting the museum. “Deuce Week and this concert achieved everything we could have dreamed for the museum.  It was not just a historic moment for the Deuce, but for music as well, they sounded fantastic and we appreciate their involvement!” exclaimed Bruce Meyer.

Playing under a massive banner that depicted a 1932 Coupe and Roadster racing, Billy F. Gibbons opened the set and was quickly joined by Vaughan, Beck and Anthony.  The music legends all love cars and especially hot rods and that is what brought them together. The performance celebrated an icon of hot rodding; Ford’s Deuce.  The concert limited to just 1200, was an intimate affair that included the who’s who of the custom automotive industry.  The event will be remembered for all time as the night that rock and roll celebrated the Deuce!

The Petersen Automotive Museum was opened in 1994 by Robert E. Petersen and his wife Margie. Located in Los Angeles, California in the famous museum district the  Petersen Automotive Museum is recognized internationally as a premier automotive destination..  The 300,000 square foot structure hosts hundreds of vehicles in both permanent and rotating exhibits.  For additional press information about the Petersen Automotive Museum, call (323) 964-6356, or visit

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