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Bonneville Swiss Watches/Jesse James
Bonneville Swiss Watches is a luxury brand of mechanical timepieces that are distributed world wide. The brand places an emphasis on designs that are inspired by things automotive and mechanical. The watches retail from $800 to $35,000 usd and an endorser was wanted who represented the same quality standard, mechanical design and edge as the brand.

Securing Jesse James the famous chopper builder and star of Discovery channel's "Monster Garage" was the ideal fit. Jesse wore the product daily, during filming and even was photographed countless times including his own catalog wearing the Bonneville "12.4.8" watch.

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Larry Dixon
Two-time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion

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Michael Anthony
Legendary Van Halen Bass Guitarist

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Robbie Gordon

Dustin Ngyuen
Actor, Sport Bike Racer

bonspeedMedia can assist in arranging a variety of personalities that will build brand awareness.  These would include actors, musicians, racers, car builders and youth personalities.