Automotive Design:

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Jaguar X-Type
The X-Type model is an outstanding sales success for the brand.  However, the vehicle needed a sportier edge to appeal to a younger demographic.  Jaguar tasked bonspeedMedia to design a X-Type that would appeal to the young professional with performance sedans in their purchasing sights.

We delivered, with a concept car that featured a restyled front and rear fascia, suspension, interior and one-off bonspeed wheels.  To set the Jaguar apart, we also developed a “Match Head Red” paint with the assistance of DuPont.

Almost every aspect of development, from the clay modeling to the interior of this concept was completed at the bonspeed studio.

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Ford Mustang GT
When Ford delivered a pre-production Mustang GT to the bonspeed studio, dealers had yet to even have one in their own showrooms!  The soon to be famous retro-inspired Mustang was Ford’s newest offering.  They handed the car to us with just one request, make it a rock star!