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A Weekend of Speed and Chrome for Michael Anthony
Anthony Begins Weekend With Hot Rod Jam and Sunday Plays to NASCAR Crowd

Los Angeles, California—February 25, 2007— Friday night, surrounded by hundreds of 1932 Ford hot rods, the air was thick with blues-inspired rock.  Four legends of the music industry played an energetic set at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.  The event was Deuce Week, a celebration of the 1932 Ford’s 75th Anniversary.  Michael Anthony, Jeff Beck, Billy F. Gibbons and Jimmie Vaughan backed by Vaughan’s band entertained a crowd of fellow hot rodders and automotive aftermarket industry notables. 

Michael Anthony who is a founding member of Van Halen to be inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in March, is a hard-core car enthusiast.  Much like Beck, Gibbons and Vaughan he is a hands-on hot rodder who enjoys turning a wrench as much as playing a guitar.  Anthony known for his fluid bass playing and vocals for Van Halen is a hot rod enthusiast who saw this charity event as a way to play alongside rock legends and give something to the hot rod hobby.

The night began with an auction of 1932 grill shells that had been customized by notable hot rod builders Barry Lobeck, Pete Chaporis and Roy Brizio.  Then Bruce Meyer the event host and hot rod collector auctioned a signed Fender guitar from each of the rockers and a flamed Yamaha bass that Michael Anthony actually played on the Van Halen tour, the sale of each benefitting the museum.  “Playing at this event was a combination of my two favorite things music and hot rods. But, playing alongside Beck, Gibbons and Vaughan will remain as a career highlight!”, said Michael Anthony.

Playing under a massive banner that depicted a 1932 Coupe and Roadster racing, Billy F. Gibbons opened the set and was quickly joined by Vaughan, Beck and Anthony.  The music legends all love cars and especially hot rods and that is what brought them together. The performance celebrated an icon of hot rodding; Ford’s Deuce.  The concert limited to just 1200 was an intimate affair that was a who’s who of the custom automotive industry.  The event will be remembered for all time as the night that rock and roll celebrated the Deuce!

Hot rodders ears were still ringing from the Friday night event when Anthony was being transported to the infield of California Speedway by helicopter.  Sammy Hagar, bandmate of Michael Anthony was playing to the NASCAR crowd on Sunday and asked that he jump on stage for a few songs.  Anthony joined in for the car guy favorite “I Can’t Drive 55” providing his vocal support.  A weekend of speed, chrome and music is nirvana for Anthony!

Michael Anthony a founding member of the legendary rock band Van Halen is also an entrepreneur.  Anthony is involved in several businesses including; bonspeed an automotive aftermarket company that manufactures wheels and accessories, Bonneville Watches and Mad Anthony Hot Sauce. For additional press information about Michael Anthony and his automotive endeavors, call (714) 666-1999, or visit or

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