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ABA 2006 Golden Crank Awards of BMX

The definitive BMX award for Professional Racers, Teams and Manufacturers

Gilbert, Arizona—September 1, 2006— Each September, two events help to shape and define the bicycle industry and the sport of BMX (Bicycle Motocross).  The Interbike trade show in Las Vegas where new trends show off the diversity of  bicycle sports and the manufacturers.  Even more important, September and Interbike are annually the first distribution of ballots for the highly coveted “ABA Golden Crank Awards”.  The ABA (American Bicycle Association) presents these awards annually to recognize the outstanding abilities and sportsmanship of both Professional racers, Teams and the innovations of BMX Bicycle Manufacturers.

Annually, the ABA Golden Crank Awards are awarded at the November ABA Grandnationals. The finale race of the 27 ABA event-national series.  The categories for the awards are the “Rookie PRO”, “PRO Rider of the Year”, “Team of the Year” and the “BMX Bicycle of the Year”.  Established in 1992, the ABA Golden Crank awards have become the most prestigious award that a team or manufacturer can earn. “Professional racers realize that the award can propel their racing career, much as the Heisman Trophy will for a Football player.”, said Clayton John, ABA President.

Las Vegas Interbike is where the ABA (American Bicycle Association) first distributes the September issue of BMXer, the monthly magazine it publishes as the voice of the sport.  This very special ballot issue is also mailed to over 60,000 active ABA members nationwide.  “The distribution of the BMXer at Interbike combined with the direct mailing to our members ensures that these ballots reach the racers and the industry moguls each year.”, explained John. One past winner of the ABA Golden Crank is Bubba Harris who first earned the award in his rookie year as a professional BMX competitor.  The “Rookie PRO” of the year was not wasted, as his fans saw Harris back up the trophy with a “PRO Award” the following year.  This two-time ABA National #1 Pro Racer has proven he deserved the ABA Golden Cranks and he has established himself as one of BMX’s racings top racing competitors!
The award itself is named for the motivating power of any common bicycle, the cranks! The cranks are the metal arms that reach from the center of a bicycle and attach both the pedals and the chain.  Without the cranks, BMX racers would be helpless to motivate the bicycle and would have no ability to navigate the obstacles of the dirt tracks.  It was for these reasons that ABA chose the vintage-style cranks to represent these heros of BMX!

ABA (American Bicycle Association), formed in 1977 and headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, is “The Sanctioning Body of BMX”©.  The ABA organizes BMX racing for boys, girls and adults nationwide and Canada.  With 60,000 active members, 274 racing facilities and a 27 event-national race schedule; ABA is the largest promoter of action sports. For additional press information about ABA, the sport of BMX, ABA events or Professional racers, call (714) 666-1999. To find races in your area or view the national event schedule, visit